Dear Musicians, I’m starting to upload my repositorium of a couple hundred carefully crafted compositions with a piano or orchestra accompaniment for your desired instrument.

After 20 years of professional music engraving work on over a 1000 projects all around the world, (various symphony orchestras, chamber bands, opera houses, soloists on all clasical music instruments, singers, conductors, componists etc.) going into this project I’ve invested all of my knowledge and experience.

As a music professor over the years I’ve had the chance to see the effect of having the luxury of a professionally made accompaniment at the disposal of a student or even a professional player.

It brings such motivation and ease while practicing and performing that I think of it as almost mandatory.

Working with solo artists, orchestral musicians and musicians of all types I’ve come to the conclusion that quality redacted score has high importance not only while learning but also when performing. Today’s score editions with questionable quality are often a hindrance while mastering the material. I always say “Pretty score sounds better.”

With all of this in mind I’ve formed all my scores to be world class musical and publishing standard, obeying all current norms and conventions. Blend of visually pleasing and quality made scores guarantees to satisfy every musician.

All of my masters are prepared for you to easily use on your phone, tablet, PC, etc.

Here on my YouTube you can find hundreds of accompaniments made in DEMO versions with metronome and in sightly slower tempo. This can also greatly help with learning.

On my VIMEO On Demand sites you can find all of the materials completely adapted for final practice or performing live. You can choose monthly streaming for all compositions or stream a single desired piece. Without metronome, using a discrete sound of a triangle at the beginning and in parts where it makes it easier for a performer to catch up.

On the other hand you can visit my PATREON site and become my patron. You have monthly streaming for all compositions and every single one of my patrons will have the ability to ask for a specific tempo, dynamics or agogic to be adapted to their taste for a piece of their choosing.

If you wish, your name will appear in the video saying that this piece is adapted by your request.

With your donation you will help me make it possible to achieve the goal of uploading and making many more pieces for you and the entire world of musicians to learn, practice and perform with.

I am absolutely convinced that you will be satisfied with my products!